For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

These are the Apostle Paul's words while in prison for preaching the Gospel.

Thursday, June 30, 2011



   Not knowing the language. In the clinic, it is hard to get good answers to my questions which is important in making an accurate diagnosis. Betty helps a lot and we might get a translator.
When spending time with the people, they are very kind and speak English as much as possible but the majority of time I dont know why someone is yelling or laughing. I just get frustrated with myself for not knowing the language. Learning the language is no small task. There are at least 3 languages spoken on this one island.
    The lack of medical supplies. It is upsetting to myself and the patient when I have to say "I know what will help you but we are out. Please come back next week when I get back with supplies from Kampala. Sorry, sorry!"
    The medical field here is kinda like what it was in the U.S. when my parents were kids, is my guess. They use lots and lots of antibiotics. Betty tells me that Penicillin shots make the people happy because they feel like they received good treatment. I'm not here to give a PCN shot when they dont need it just to make the person happy. I'm also not here to argue. A good explanation helps but again, the language barrier can be an issue.


    The people on Namiti island have been so good to me. Pastor Samson, his wife Joyce, and their 6 kids (ages 11 and under) have become my family. I get lots of hugs and kisses every day. The night before I came back to mainland, we laughed, sang, ate, danced, and told stories for several hours.
    God has been my strength! He keeps me strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have yet to experience any serious illness.
    The clinic is up and running. The people are excited. We get a lot of patients that return and thank us for the treatment.
    The nurse Betty and I are growing in our ability to work together and communicate. She has decided to sell me for 10 cows. I agreed to it but want some pigs thrown in. She is a fun-loving, story telling (I'm talking hour long stories), Christian lady. She wont turn patients away so that means we see patients way past closing time. She really cares for her patients.
     My parents donated some money for the clinic so I was able to get more supplies from Kampala yesterday. What a blessing! I am going to Lingira island today then back to Namiti on Saturday.


   Its not always easy. I have to daily fight with my selfish side and not dwell on what I dont like. The verse that speaks of losing your life for Christ's sake and you will find it has proven to be true these past few weeks. As long as I am thinking of loving God then loving others, I am full of energy, peace, and joy. I have also  been singing the hymn "Turn your eyes upon Jesus"
  Thank you for your love and prayers. PLEASE FERVENTLY PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF BUVUMA ISLANDS.


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