For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

These are the Apostle Paul's words while in prison for preaching the Gospel.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

   The trip to Kampala went good. Its taking a bit of effort on my part to adjust to the African clock. Without going into too much detail, instead of leaving at 0730 we left at 1000 because of small but important things that needed to be done first. It was great spending time with my driver Anthony. He was studying to become a priest but met one of the missionaries, Pastor Terry, and became a born again Christian. He is now preparing to get a masters in economics.
   One praise is that when I went to pick up our order of med supplies they were not going to let me take it because I didnt have an ID with me. I had to talk with the boss. He was like "Oh I've seen you before. Its fine. Let her take the things." I guess it helps people remember you when you wear the same dirty clothes.
   On the drive back God spoke to me about idols in my heart and the need to live out a deeper understanding of love and service. It is fun to serve and love up to a certain point but when it becomes a bore and starts to hurt, that is when the Biblical vs wordly definitions start to kick in. What is love? What is service? How far will I go to daily live them out?
   We leave for Lingira island today. Karina, Andrew, and the kids are moving back to their home on Lingira. There will also be a team from Virginia with us. On Thursday, I will be going to Namiti island with the Ugandan nurse Betty. I will be out there for 2 to 5 weeks. There is no internet there so sorry in advance for the lack of updates and pictures.
    Thank you all so much for all of the prayers and encouraging words. Please continue to pray for the people on Namiti island. Also, pray that I will not only adjust to the culture but will thrive in it. The language barrier is tough since only a few women speak small amounts of English on Namiti. It will be lonely but God is longsuffering with me and is always there for me. God is so GOOD!
Love you and miss you!

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