For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

These are the Apostle Paul's words while in prison for preaching the Gospel.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

babies..sickness..human sacrifice..

This is how my weekend went:
Friday- There were just a few patients so I made some 'cookies' for everyone. I cut a chipati into strips, cooked them over charcoal then put sugar on top. Charles (the guy who lives on the compound to keep us girls safe) took us three exploring on the east side of the island. Its about the most gorgeous place I've ever seen. When we got back I skipped dinner because I wasnt feeling the best.
Saturday- Worked in the clinic until early afternoon when abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever kicked in. I was up most of the night with that.
Sunday- My temp was 102 after a dose of Tylenol. I was determined to go to Jinja because I wanted cold juice but I could harldy walk much less carry my backpack so Joy made me stay in bed. I just want to say that it is no fun being sick here.
Monday- At 0730 the nurse aid, Magret, was calling for me to come see a pregnant patient. I wanted to say come back when the clinic opens at 0830. Its a good thing I didnt because the beautiful baby girl came at 0750. The only complication was Sarah did a manual removal of the placenta but that went good. While this baby was being born there were two other patients outside waiting for a prenatal checkup. The afternoon was spent laying in bed inbetween seeing patients. At 1500, a patient that had come that morning to be checked came to deliver. She delivered a healthy baby boy at 1930.
Both mothers are muslim so we were able to show them Christ's love and mercy through our actions which they noticed and were able to talk about.

      The new nurse, Sarah, is doing great! All three of us spend time praying and singing together every day. The clinic has a peaceful and loving "feel" in it now. Both Magret and Sarah are good at counseling which is very exciting. We have women coming every week asking for an abortion so a lot of talking and praying takes place. We are daily praying against the spirit of murder. Among the 5 islands there were dozens of abortions and about four adults murdered last month. Human sacrifice is very common.

      I am feeling much better. Praise the Lord! I am on mainland getting supplies but am heading back today.  Please pray that I will stay focused on touching the lives on Namiti during my last week here.
     Looking forward to seeing you all! Love ya!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This past week has been rather difficult but God is good and everything is being handled. Andy, Keeky, Momma O, and I met with a nurse, Sarah, for an interview. Sarah made one of the top grades in her nursing boards in all of Uganda. She is an orphan that Keeky's nursing school teacher supported to go through nursing school. She is born again, loving, and very determined. She plans on becoming a surgeon. I am taking her to Namiti Island today.
    I am coming to realize what a big spiritual battle there is for the islands. If this clinic succeeds that makes the witch doctors fail. If the people have answers about physical and spiritual health they wont need to go to a witch doctor for demon power or to curse someone else. They wont have to live in fear under satanic control. Satan is not happy about this clinic and I can feel it every day. BUT my God is God. He has victory. There will be freedom and healing on these islands through much prayer and hard work. I have to remind myself of Isaiah 61. Jesus heals the broken hearted, sets the captives free, and gives beauty for ashes.
PRAISE HIM! What a mighty God we serve!
   Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray more and more for victory on Namiti Island.
Love you all!